This COVID-19 dashboard has been made available by Quant Base. This dashboard uses data from the official Dutch institute RIVM and the NICE. The data from the RIVM is updated daily when the new data is available. The total number of ICU patients is provided by NICE, which are updated hourly.

You can drill down in the data by clicking on the elements. The dashboard will adapt with every click. The values change based on the selections and the axes of the graphs adjust based on the values. Using the icons in the menu at the bottom you can add modules. On a pc you can export the dashboard including selections to a pdf file for communication purposes.

We are open for ideas and looking to add more countries. You can email us at

For the development of air quality (NO2, CO2, particulate matter) Dordrecht and Apeldoorn from December 2019, see:

March 31st the RIVM modified the publication of its data from number of cases to number of hospitalisations. To view the historical data of the number of positively tested people visit Historie. This page shows a timelapse of the case progression in March 2020.

Last updated on: 2020-03-31

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