Smart Graph Portal Launch

New! The Smart Graph Portal is launched. Quickly and easily create your own data visualisations via:

This COVID-19 data dashboard is offered to you by Quant Base. We are a European company that develops software that makes your data manageble.

The data behind this dashboard is automatically updated using information made available by the RIVM (daily) and the NICE foundation (hourly).

The hospitalisations are shown according to NICE, the hospitalisations (per municipality) according to the RIVM can be followed via 'Add chart'.

The dashboard contains several graphs by default. You can analyze the data further by clicking on elements within the graphs, the dashboard automatically adapts to each selection. At the bottom you see icons to add additional graphs. On a PC, it is possible to export a PDF-file including your selections for communication purposes. Using the time-lapse button at the top, you can view how the numbers have progressed.

Do you have questions about data in your organization? We would gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

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