This COVID-19 data dashboard is offered by Quant Base. We develop the software that allows you to make data manageable.

For this data dashboard we use the daily update of the RIVM and every hour that of the NICE foundation.

You can go deeper into the data by clicking on parts in the graphs, the dashboard adapts to each selection. At the bottom you can see icons to add extra graphs and create other combinations. On a PC, it is possible to export a PDF-file including your selections to communicate. Using the time-lapse at the top, you can view how the numbers have progressed.

From now on this Smart Graph will show increases of the data instead of the totals. This is currently more relevant information. If you would like to see the total numbers you can add these using the menu at the bottom of the page.

To see whether the current situation in the Netherlands has had an impact on air quality (NO2, CO2, particulate matter) in the municipalities Dordrecht and Apeldoorn, you can follow these air measurements in real time from December 2019, see:

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Last updated on: 2020-07-04

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